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Summer is just about over...Back to school...Back to fitness!


Lots of changes happening, lots of new classes and possible new locations!

******Step Class******

830am Lake Murray Presbyterian..Bring Your Own Step - $3

Aug 15

Aug 29


**New classes**

Ballentine Community Center - Starting Aug 25th

Cardio Kick - Tues nights @ 545pm - Hard hitting/Calorie Torching 45 minute kick box class.  All 

levels welcome!  

C.U.T. is BACK!!:)  So excited to be able to bring this to you again!  Thurs  nights @ 545pm - 

45 minutes of EVERYTHING!  Body Sculpting by design! Bring your mat, your weights and let's DO this!


***Pink Camo Boot Camp*****

Starts Sept 8th.  6 weeks to a fitter you!  Partner drills, all classic moves + beast modes, intervals 

and other great surprises!  $60 for the 6 week session Tues/TH 530am - 615am @ Lake Murray Presbyterian chuch in Chapin.

**Lake Murray Pres is located on DF Road (left side before the Get N. Go)...Easy to find!  The gym is on the far end of the bldg and the door will be open...I will place my sign out there for each class and then take it down..

Tues & TH 915am Zumba @ Lake Murray Presbyterian..STILL $3 and can always use your free pass if you happen to have one!

M & W we will still ROCK out zumba at Friarsgate Park @ 630pm...Speaking of which...It's baseball time again...ALL the parking gets gobbled up quickly.  Please go right to the gate behind the building..Chris and the staff will let us in and we'll have plenty of parking in the back.  Please be aware of all the little kiddos running around...unattended in the park area.  Thx!!

Any questions..Just give me a buzz 556 - 2440

hit me up on the fb page

tweet me...@sctrainer1

or email me @


Classes are ongoing.  There is NO membership...NO contract...Just $3 per class.

** Kids 10 -14 are able to exercise for free and we encourage EVERYONE to come out. **

**Personal training rates**

$40for 45 minutes

$55 for 1 hour session.

Contact me for group training rates...I do discount.

If I can give you ONE great piece of advice...GIVE YOURSELF TIME!  Everybody has to start somewhere.  When you come to class, be prepared for it to be challenging, especially if you haven't been working out regularly.  The workouts are based upon HIIT principles.  This means we go HARD for a song or two and then back it off a bit.  This does NOT mean that you can't get through it.  It means that you can work your own pace and as you become more fit, you can increase your effort!  



Looking forward to a great year of fitness and friendships!  Runs, Boot Camp, Dinner group!  CMS Total Fitness is just that!